Downloading the unofficial Novolink D-Lights App for iOS

Until our D-Lights app is finalized by Apple, you may choose to download the Dev version for use with your string lights.  Here is the process for doing so:

  1. Goto the following link (It will open on a separate page, for your convenience): D-Lights Dev App Link
  2. Either scan the QR Code, or enter the URL link using your iPhone or iPad.  You will be taken to a screen that has the Novolink D-Lights icon, with a "Download" button at the bottom.  
  3. Select "Download" and "Install".  The app will install onto your home screen.
  4. Exit the browser, and open "Settings".  In "Settings", select "General", then scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  5. Near the bottom of the menu, you'll find "Device Management".  Select this option, then under "ENTERPRISE APPS", select "Zhongshan Scinan Internet of Things Co., LTD."
  6. The next menu will show a prompt to Trust Zhongshan Scinan Internet..., along with the D-Lights App below it.  Select "Trust..." to enable the app.
  7. The D-Lights App is now ready to use on your device.  Once the App has been approved by Apple, you may either keep this dev version, or download the official App.

If you chose not to download the Dev version, we can contact you when the official App is available in the Apple Store.  Please enter the information below: