String Lights will not connect to my smartphone app.

  • Make sure your router and smartphone WiFi connections are active.

  • The lights need to be within range of the WiFi router. Move the string lights closer to the router, then test the connection.

  • Reset the string lights. If someone else has registered to use the lights, it will not be possible to register them with another smartphone/device. Press the reset button (see page # 2 of these instructions) for 10 seconds, until the string lights flash WHITE twice, then turn RED. Follow the steps to register and connect.

The String Lights will not turn ON at all.

  • Check the wall plug or electrical connection to see if it is active. It may be as simple as turning ON a sight switch for the socket in question.

  • Make sure the controller box is securely attached to the rest of the string.

  • Make sure nothing is pressing against the RESET button.

  • With the string lights unplugged, check the string to see if there are any damage lengths or bulbs. Do not use the string lights if they are damaged, or if any electrical wires are stripped or bearing wire.

  • Check to make sure "dimming", or brightness is not set to 0%. Just Ask Alexa or Google Home to set the brightness to 100%.