4a - Install the Solar Panel (Cradle Triangular Base)


A) Position and mount Cradle.

Place the solar panel cradle (G) against the mounting surface and mark the mounting holes.

If mounting to a wooden surface, drill three 3/32 in. holes into the mounting surface. Install the three mounting screws (AA) through the solar panel cradle (G) and into the mounting surface.

If mounting to wall board or brick, drill three 7/32 in. holes into the mounting surface. Insert the wall anchors (BB) and attach the solar panel cradle (G) using the three mounting screws (AA).


B) Position Solar Panel

Once the solar panel cradle (G) has been installed, position the solor panel (F) above it, adjusting the direction and angle of the panel to its desired position to receive optimal sunlight.

Slide the base of the solar panel (F) into the cradle (G). It will snap and lock in position.