Add-on Extensions for Novolink String Lights

Purchasing LED string lights for the Holidays?  Remember, most Novolink string lights come in a Wireless Smart Control (BLE) and Add-on Extension (ADO) models.  You can purchase one set of BLE string lights, and connect this to up to 3 Add-on Extensions, and do so much less expensively than buying 4 BLE versions.

Need to purchase Extensions?  Click Here.

We've also made Bundle Packs available at Home Depot that include 1 BLE and 1 ADO string light set, for your convenience:

Happy Holidays from Novolink!

Wanna have some fun & make a little cash? We've got a job going on Upwork!

For any of our YouTube-savvy customers out there, we've got a job in that you might put some extra bucks in your pocket!  We're looking for YouTube Creatives that have a knack for building things out of Christmas string lights, to make something using our Novolink LED string lights.  It's a paying gig, and we're throwing-in a couple of LED string light sets to boot!

Interested? Visit Upwork at the following address:

-The Novolink Team


New Novolink Blog

Interested in new products coming from Novolink?  Looking for answers and discussion on your products?  We'll be providing this and more here on the Novolink blog; a casual way to talk to our customers and likewise, gain some feedback from the community.

- The Novolink Team