Add-on Extensions for Novolink String Lights

Purchasing LED string lights for the Holidays?  Remember, most Novolink string lights come in a Wireless Smart Control (BLE) and Add-on Extension (ADO) models.  You can purchase one set of BLE string lights, and connect this to up to 3 Add-on Extensions, and do so much less expensively than buying 4 BLE versions.

Need to purchase Extensions?  Click Here.

We've also made Bundle Packs available at Home Depot that include 1 BLE and 1 ADO string light set, for your convenience:

Happy Holidays from Novolink!

Wanna have some fun & make a little cash? We've got a job going on Upwork!

For any of our YouTube-savvy customers out there, we've got a job in that you might put some extra bucks in your pocket!  We're looking for YouTube Creatives that have a knack for building things out of Christmas string lights, to make something using our Novolink LED string lights.  It's a paying gig, and we're throwing-in a couple of LED string light sets to boot!

Interested? Visit Upwork at the following address:

-The Novolink Team