3 - Planning Installation

Make sure nothing can block the solar panel from the sun.

Before mounting the equipment, you should determine the best place to position the light unit and the solar panel.  You'll want to place the light unit where it's needed, but the solar panel must be positioned to receive maximum sunlight.


For the best result, locate the solar panel in a position where it receives direct sunlight all day, and is generally free from cover and shade.

The solar panel should face the southern sky.


The solar panel should be positioned so that as the sun tracks across the sky, it beams onto the panel as much as possible.  (You may have to adjust the angle of the solar panel in Fall and Spring to compensate for the changing "travel" of the sun across the sky.)

Select and area where the light unit and solar panel can be mounted with ease.


Select an area where the Security Light and Solar Panel can be mounted with ease.  Consider that the units must be within 15 feet (the length of the power cable from the Solar Panel) to be connected.  Unit should also be mounted NO LESS than 6 feet from the ground.